Al Nuha Company AWS Comapny Larsa Company ETANA Company AL Ribas Company
    Since its establishment in the year 1996, has been in business, offering a wide range of services and engineering solutions for Oil & Gas, Power sector and other major industries in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.
  • ALNUHA Company
    Are the mother company for the group in Iraq and its a100% Iraqi owned company registered according to the Iraqi law at 1996 , and since then its rapid and study expansion (geographically and service wise) with the gained reputation over the last 14 years enable us to serve our clients better.
  • Advance welding solutions (AWS) company
    In Iraq is a joint venture company between Alnuha group in Iraq and Alsulaimi group in Oman , Aws- Iraq are established and registered according to the Iraqi government law at 2009, and since then its rapid expansion have covered almost all the Industrial major cities in Iraq, through the Headquarter in Baghdad and the showrooms and retailer outlets established in: Baghdad-Mosul-Basrah.
  • Larsa Company
    Larsa is a reputed engineering and manufacturing company specialized in Oil/Gas, Water and lubricant filtration, purification and separation also in, Chemical injection skids ( Dosing Systems ), Wellhead control panels ( Shut Down Panels ), Emergency shut down systems.
  • Etana Petroleum Services co.
    Have been come to alnuha group due to the market demands and our vision to support our client at the promising oil and gas industry in Iraq,
  • AL-RIBAS Co.
    For Water Industry an Iraqi owned company, establish and registered according to the Iraqi government law at 2011.
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