About us:

ALNUHA GROUPSince its establishment in the year 1996, has been in business, offering a wide range of services and engineering solutions for Oil & Gas, Power sector and other major industries in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation. During this period, the Company has grown steadily depending on consistency, expertise, professionalism, quality service and customer support. Controlled growth is an important aspect of ALNUHA GROUP corporate philosophy, allowing the Company to maintain continuity and highest level of customer service.

ALNUHA GROUP is well recognized by its commitment to providing quality service and working closely with its clients. Extensive abilities with proven experience for Design, Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance in the aforesaid disciplines qualifies ALNUHA GROUP as a dependable partner-in-success.

Our Business:

ALNUHA GROUP has been in the business, offering a wide range of services and engineering in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and other major industries covering the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation..

Our Goal:

ALNUHA GROUP seeks to maintain and grow its reputation for providing excellent project management services, cost effective and innovative solutions, technical excellence in project execution, and a final installation which is accepted as high quality by the reputed client's.

Our Focus: 

To accomplish our goal we are focused on recruiting, maintaining and motivating a highly competent, professional staff which is dedicated to the goals and principles of ALNUHA GROUP. The staff must exist within, and be comfortable with, a culture that encourages all employees to work together towards the common goals of the project.

Our Responsibilities - As a Company:

ALNUHA GROUP is responsible to clients to act always in a professional manner and to focus on doing whatis "right for the project" (within the constraints placed on ALNUHA by the client). We should not focus ondoing what is best for us unless it is also best for the project.

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